Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays
Our Brick Ranch

Growing up my mom had a tradition, we all picked out one special ornament each year. I've continued this now that I have my own children. This year I found these sweet snowmen for the twins. The hearts above them say Babies first Christmas. It was really hard finding ones that were both the same in different girly colors. You usually just have the choice of pink or blue. I think they are super cute!

I'm also super stoked about our stockings this year. We really needed new ones, plus the babies didn't have any of their own yet. I wanted to make some special ones that'll last for a long time. Unfortunately we are in somewhat of a financial crisis at the moment so I couldn't afford the supplies. I found these ones at the dollar tree! I'm going to make paper tags with everybody's names to identify them.

3 year old Nemi decorated almost all of the tree. She picked out which garland and lights to use and was so excited to hang the ornaments. She went to bed late the first night with the promise of more decorating the next day. When she woke up she stumbled out of her bedroom her eyes still half shut and begged me to continue the tree.

She asks me every single morning, "Is it Christmas yet?" She also told me we need to buy some more presents for under our tree.

I was ultra depressed this year because we didn't have enough money for presents or a tree. We are very blessed to have family who care so much about us. We got 3 offers to buy us one! We finally accepted one. Then last weekend Nemi went to stay the night at her Nana's house and help them pick out a tree. While they were at the lot the guys took a liking to her and let her pick out her very own tree! I couldn't believe it! Now we have two trees!

And she absolutely adores having her very own in her bedroom.
It really is starting to feel a lot like Christmas here at The Brick Ranch