Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Holidays!

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around here! Okay so I know the picture isn't very clear but those stocking holders are silver and spell out PEACE. I saw them on somebody else's blog and thought.. Oooh I wish I had those. Then I thought, well there are only three of us so that'd be weird. THEN.. I realized next year there will be 5 of us! And it seemed to be fate when I was shopping in Target with my mom and there they were! She was very sweet and bought them for me. Yay!
My two year old has already undecorated the tree about 3 times. But nothing is breakable. All the bulbs are plastic from Dollar Tree. Except the ones on the very top which are keepsakes.


Monday, November 8, 2010


We've gotten a lot of little things done here and there around the house, but nothing picture worthy. You see our world was turned upside down a little while ago when I went to get my first ultrasound and this is what they found.

Now I know a lot of people have a hard time reading these things, so let me clarify.
That's 2.
2 babies.
Identical Twins.

Needless to say, things have been in a major uproar here at the brick ranch. The office is quickly being pushed out and converted into a double nursery. Two cribs and Two dressers have moved in, and all the sewing stuff is currently piled haphazardly in the entryway and hallway. I have no idea what to do with it.

We are in the process of finishing the walls in the family room and getting ready to paint. Once this is done, we'll be able to lay carpet and move everything in there. In the meantime, we're living in quite a mess!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Okay so I know I haven't posted in forever, and for that I'm extremely sorry. Honestly with the hubby working long hours, nothing much has been getting done around the house. In fact with the new baby coming, it seems to be getting more and more cluttered and messy.
But. I did have some time to work on the mantle.

There are still a few empty spots I'd love to fill in but I'm not sure with what yet. Oh, and if I could get my husband to stop emptying his pockets up there that'd be great too.
The vases are from Big Lots and were $5 each, the fake foliage was $3 each.
I got the basket at Ross for $3 and the decorative wood balls were a set of 3 for $5
We got the elephant wall carving at Goodwill for a bit of nothing. And of course the biggest steal was the mantle itself which we got at the ReStore for $12!

Friday, September 24, 2010


By this time I'm sure your absolutely tired of hearing about grout. But take care, all the tile and grout in the bathroom is now done! No more grout!

Until the kitchen that is. :)

So the hubs and I had been talking about where to put this new baby. With our 1st we kept her in the pack n play for the first 9 months next to our bed. This was an easy solution but that bassinet portion got a bit saggy in the middle and she kept rolling to the center. We decided this time we'd like a real bassinet or cradle. I got to looking at prices and was kind of blown away. So I thought, why not build one? But let's face it, we are remodeling our whole house, now frantically, when will we get the time?

The very next day we were driving back from Sauvie Island, OR through St. Johns when I saw a cradle on the side of the road at a little junk shop. I screamed, "PULL OVER" My husband slammed on the breaks and turned at the next street swearing, "damn I hoped you hadn't seen that. You know it'll be expensive and we can't afford it." I said back, "you never know, it could be like $15 and then wouldn't it be a shame we hadn't stopped?" He sighed.
He turned around and drove back. There was no price listed so I pushed my way in between the narrow racks of the precariously piled coolest junk I'd ever seen and asked. $25. "SOLD!" I yelled.

And now she's ours.

I have big plans for this pretty cradle. White paint, and a black and white bumper of some kind to cushion the sides and protect baby from the bars which I'm sure are not spaced correctly. We're also going to replace the wood pegs on the top for metal studs so we make sure the rocking is sturdy. (Yes it rocks eee!)
We've already put the cradle to use! We used it as a prop to tell my parents we were pregnant. My dad just stared at it and thought it was a cool piece. I had to yell "I'm pregnant!"
My mom and stepdad thought I'd just bought another cool thing to refinish and were trying to tell me Nemi was too big for it when my mom's eyes got huge and she screamed, "Your not pregnant?" Now that was satisfying :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I'm dreaming of a nautical/beachy nursery.
That's right folks. We're expecting again!

And my office, sigh, will be soon turned into a nursery. I absolutely love the color my hubby chose for this room so we're definitely keeping it. It's Sherwin Williams Krypton.

So, I thought how perfect would a seaside nursery be? Sailboats and tons of denim and white seersucker for a boy? Or white starfish for a girl? Either way, white furniture.

I absolutely love this bedding.

You get the idea?

Or how about this one?

Check out this mobile!!!

A couple of DIY projects that'd be easy. Driftwood sailboats on white shelves.

Starfish hanging from aged rope. Both ideas courtesy of The Lettered Cottage which is my all time favorite blog.

Now that I'm over the initial shock of finding out I'm pregnant, I'm super excited!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Autumn Anyone?

I've been having the urge lately to add some seasonal decor to our home. Especially our mantel. But you know me, ever on the lacking budget. So I got very excited when I was reading teh Centsational Girl's blog!
She posted pics of this gorgeous wreath she made from leaves on her magnolia tree. I don't have a magnolia tree, but I do have plenty of rhododendrons. To further save on my budget I cut a ring out of a cardboard box, spraypainted my leaves with copper that I had left over from my frame project, and hot glued them onto the ring! Then I just added a couple of pretty red accent leaves and hung it on an existing nail over the mantel.
Voila. Autumn in under 10 minutes.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Drumroll Please

We here at Our Brick Ranch are very proud to announce the unveiling of our bathroom vanity. It's the first thing completely finished, and we personally think it's gorgeous. I'll start with our inspiration photos.
We absolutely loved the feeling of this bathroom. Everything drew us in. In fact we even tried to match the color somewhat, but when it came out different it grew on us.

This second photo shows the sink and faucets we fell absolutely in love with.

Now for the before and after!!!!


Ignore the ugly shower curtain. I have a new this one picked out. When hubby goes back to work full time maybe we'll be able to buy it!

What do you think of the cafe curtain I made?

I'm in love.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Kitchen Ceiling

When we started our kitchen remodel, there were large soffit boxes we knocked down. They left gaping holes in our ceiling. We thought we'd be smart and lay a new ceiling and texturize. Smarty pants. We sucked. There are ugly lines and I hate the texture. We decided to forget about it and come back when we learned a bit more about drywall.

Today it hit me!!! I was checking out this blog. I thought Oh WOW! Look at her ceilings!
What a perfect idea to cover up the hideous lines we've created! Here's a little inspiration while we think about it all.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rocking Horse

In June of last year, my husband and I were thinking of what we could do for our daughter's first birthday. We decided on a rocking horse. I searched high and low, but couldn't find that perfect one. A neighbor heard us talking and gave us her daughter's old one, she said they had gotten it years ago at a garage sale and we were welcome to have it as a gift from them. I asked if she wouldn't mind if we refinished it. It was very worn in, and somewhat masculine. I think she was excited when I told her I'd love to give it a girly makeover. I started working on it, and never finished it. Many days over the past year I've walked past the half finished horse and sighed. Last night I finally said. This is IT! I'm finishing this thing NOW! So I did.



And... Most Importantly.

One very satisfied customer.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Today we met one of the previous owners of our home! It was so neat, Dan had just pulled in the driveway when he noticed a black car driving slowly by the house. At first he was a bit cautious, but they pulled into our driveway and introduced themselves. We learned so much about our home! They were such nice people, so we let them come in and take a look at what we were up to. They seemed to love everything we'd done so far which was nice.

It was so surreal to me, and kind of nerve wracking. I used to watch that HGTV show where they'd follow new and old owners of a house and then show them renovating and then bring in the old owners and see their reactions. I was so scared I would have ripped down something they loved. Not so, such nice folks!

So we learned that the original owners built the house themselves. And that the wife had a lady over to play cards and that lady several times said if you ever sell this house I'd love it. And she did! One day they called her and offered it. When she owned it, apparently is when they renovated the garage into our now family room, but they used it as an office, which explains the immense ammount of outlets. They also added on the back bathroom/laundry room and must have installed the stupid septic tank, and built on the new garage.

Then this couple purchased the house and lived here for about 10 years before his father moved rural and they moved to be closer to him and help with the property. In the time they lived here they built the shed, but didn't have a permit, so they call it a barn ;) After they moved they rented the home to a couple of teachers with several children. They are the ones who built our raised planter boxes. The funny thing is we asked about who had the giant dog (we found ginormous dog toys in the trees), He chuckled and told us they originally had the dog, but when the renters came in they took on the dog and had him until he passed. And that he's burried in our backyard. He also mentioned that the dog had at one time had a fight with our backyard bunnies and eaten one! The renters eventually purchased the house from them, but were unable to keep it, and we are now the lucky owners of a very loved house!

We found out some great info, heard some great stories, and they gave us his business card. I emailed him the website and told him to check out our progress! What an exciting day!

Quick Change

Mr Brick Ranch went back to work this week so nothing much has been happening on the home front. Except a few things that were severely annoying me. The first of which was the plywood blocking the fireplace from our two year old. You see, it's an odd size, and we haven't been able to find an inexpensive set of doors that will fit. It seems we'll have to have them custom made, and that's just not in the budget. The other fireplace works fine, why would we need two? Especially in summer. So I painted the plywood. It made me feel all artsy and relaxed.

The second problem was our bedroom. The first problem being, the bed was moved to the left and hubby's dresser was on the right side. Well he kept hitting his shin on the corner of the bed trying to squeeze into his side, and crying about it. ;) So I rearranged. The second problem. Well, I hate to say it, but I'd been using my wedding quilt my Oma made us for bedding. And it was so pretty and flowery. But I am sooo not a pretty and flowery kind of girl. So I put the old comforter back on and hung up my B&W Marilyn posters. Yes I love her. I wish I had frames for them, but again not in the budget right now. I also am still dying to replace those hand me down curtains that don't match anything! But right now I'm at least feeling more comfortable in my space. Do you see my wedding boquet hanging from the left side of the curtain rod? :) I even threw an old black sheet over the peach cushy chair on the left so it would match the room.

Things I'm hoping to work on this week: I'm dying to find an old church pew or build a neat bench from old chairs or a door or headboard for the entryway under that gorgeous Ethan Allen mirror/rack we got last weekend. And I think a big old tin for umbrella's would be nice next to it by the door/window. Oh, and yes those white end tables are covering up a small hole in the wall that the baby likes to shove toys into. They are going to be sold in our garage sale in a couple of weeks. Because of the bedroom rearrange the rug had to be relocated, it no longer fit in the bedroom and now it's cozying up the entryway. Unfortunately it's making me have second thoughts about the red walls! Do you think I should paint them tan to match the rest of the hallway and rug???


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Garage Sale!

Today was a garage sale kind of day. And I'm not the only one who thought so. There were garage sale signs everywhere! On every corner! Calling to me. Pleading. I found a huge one early in the morning and stopped by. It was a group effort raising money for breast cancer awareness. I called my girlfriend and 5 adults lugging two babies all piled into two vehicles in search of the perfect deal. We found them. Oh did we find them.
My favorite find of the day? This Ethan Allen mirror and coat rack! We came late in the day and they dropped their price of $25 down to $15. I came home and did some reasearch... Check out this ebay listing! My hubby told me I should sell it, but I'm too in love.

These are a work in progress. We found this buffet earlier in the week for $35 up the street at a garage sale It does have a hutch that goes on top but we removed it to be used later for another project. We also purchased another Hutch today for $20 that is gorgeous and will go in the family room when it's finished. I've also been accumulating frames for a wall collage project in the living room. I need a lot more, but I'm steadily growing my collection from odds and ends I find at sales and thrift stores.

I am also finding little metal ones and bronzing them to hang in between the mirrors in the bathroom. Here's what I have so far.

After I dropped my friends off back home and they stored my hutch in their garage for me to pick up later when we had our truck, we started off towards home. Well... we got detoured, first when I saw the local highschool was having their huge rummage sale! They gave me a bag and told me to stuff it as full as I wanted for $5!!!! Here's what I stuffed into my paper shopping bag.

This great real silver teapot with matching sugar and cream dishes! And the silver frame behind them.

This was a tacky gold tissue paper holder but I saw it's potential and quickly spray painted it bronze to match the bathroom fixtures.

My husband is in love with all things wood, and I think a love of clocks runs in his family. So when I saw this solid oak clock I had to have it for our mantel. Into the bag it went! All 4 of those items for only $5!!!

So remember that garage sale I already hit twice? I passed it again on my way home. They had packed up and put everything they hadn't sold on the corner with a free sign!!! I saw some things I'd been eyeing but didn't want to afford and stopped a 3rd time to snag them. Including this frame.

And this little octagonal end table my hubby had his eye on.

We also scored this cute butter dish for .50 cents.

I am still wowing over our success today!!!! Incredible!!!
Oh, we also scored 3 full size Care Bears for baby girl at $1.50 for the set, lots of baby clothes for almost nothing, and a cute little cactus at the farmers market.