Saturday, August 21, 2010

Garage Sale!

Today was a garage sale kind of day. And I'm not the only one who thought so. There were garage sale signs everywhere! On every corner! Calling to me. Pleading. I found a huge one early in the morning and stopped by. It was a group effort raising money for breast cancer awareness. I called my girlfriend and 5 adults lugging two babies all piled into two vehicles in search of the perfect deal. We found them. Oh did we find them.
My favorite find of the day? This Ethan Allen mirror and coat rack! We came late in the day and they dropped their price of $25 down to $15. I came home and did some reasearch... Check out this ebay listing! My hubby told me I should sell it, but I'm too in love.

These are a work in progress. We found this buffet earlier in the week for $35 up the street at a garage sale It does have a hutch that goes on top but we removed it to be used later for another project. We also purchased another Hutch today for $20 that is gorgeous and will go in the family room when it's finished. I've also been accumulating frames for a wall collage project in the living room. I need a lot more, but I'm steadily growing my collection from odds and ends I find at sales and thrift stores.

I am also finding little metal ones and bronzing them to hang in between the mirrors in the bathroom. Here's what I have so far.

After I dropped my friends off back home and they stored my hutch in their garage for me to pick up later when we had our truck, we started off towards home. Well... we got detoured, first when I saw the local highschool was having their huge rummage sale! They gave me a bag and told me to stuff it as full as I wanted for $5!!!! Here's what I stuffed into my paper shopping bag.

This great real silver teapot with matching sugar and cream dishes! And the silver frame behind them.

This was a tacky gold tissue paper holder but I saw it's potential and quickly spray painted it bronze to match the bathroom fixtures.

My husband is in love with all things wood, and I think a love of clocks runs in his family. So when I saw this solid oak clock I had to have it for our mantel. Into the bag it went! All 4 of those items for only $5!!!

So remember that garage sale I already hit twice? I passed it again on my way home. They had packed up and put everything they hadn't sold on the corner with a free sign!!! I saw some things I'd been eyeing but didn't want to afford and stopped a 3rd time to snag them. Including this frame.

And this little octagonal end table my hubby had his eye on.

We also scored this cute butter dish for .50 cents.

I am still wowing over our success today!!!! Incredible!!!
Oh, we also scored 3 full size Care Bears for baby girl at $1.50 for the set, lots of baby clothes for almost nothing, and a cute little cactus at the farmers market.


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