Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quick Change

Mr Brick Ranch went back to work this week so nothing much has been happening on the home front. Except a few things that were severely annoying me. The first of which was the plywood blocking the fireplace from our two year old. You see, it's an odd size, and we haven't been able to find an inexpensive set of doors that will fit. It seems we'll have to have them custom made, and that's just not in the budget. The other fireplace works fine, why would we need two? Especially in summer. So I painted the plywood. It made me feel all artsy and relaxed.

The second problem was our bedroom. The first problem being, the bed was moved to the left and hubby's dresser was on the right side. Well he kept hitting his shin on the corner of the bed trying to squeeze into his side, and crying about it. ;) So I rearranged. The second problem. Well, I hate to say it, but I'd been using my wedding quilt my Oma made us for bedding. And it was so pretty and flowery. But I am sooo not a pretty and flowery kind of girl. So I put the old comforter back on and hung up my B&W Marilyn posters. Yes I love her. I wish I had frames for them, but again not in the budget right now. I also am still dying to replace those hand me down curtains that don't match anything! But right now I'm at least feeling more comfortable in my space. Do you see my wedding boquet hanging from the left side of the curtain rod? :) I even threw an old black sheet over the peach cushy chair on the left so it would match the room.

Things I'm hoping to work on this week: I'm dying to find an old church pew or build a neat bench from old chairs or a door or headboard for the entryway under that gorgeous Ethan Allen mirror/rack we got last weekend. And I think a big old tin for umbrella's would be nice next to it by the door/window. Oh, and yes those white end tables are covering up a small hole in the wall that the baby likes to shove toys into. They are going to be sold in our garage sale in a couple of weeks. Because of the bedroom rearrange the rug had to be relocated, it no longer fit in the bedroom and now it's cozying up the entryway. Unfortunately it's making me have second thoughts about the red walls! Do you think I should paint them tan to match the rest of the hallway and rug???


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