Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bathroom Tile

This week we finally got some flooring laid in the bathroom!
This is what we started with. There were still remnants of old nasty tar paper.

The first step was to make it nice and smooth by sanding the floor down.

Then Mr. Brick Ranch laid new tar paper. I helped cut ;)

Ooooh. At this point I was just excited it was all one color!

Then we laid the backer board and sealed between all the seams.

After this Dan set to work marking his area with chalkline, then set the tiles!

And this is where we left off last night! Later today we should be able to grout!

We've been spending some time at my hubby's grandma's house. Her porch needed to be repainted and the banister on the porch steps was so rotted from the damp river air that he decided it needed to be completely replaced.
Here's a picture of the old rails.

And after a test fit of the new one he built.

We then took them into the shop and rotated out applying layers of primer and paint. After he installed them they looked beautiful. I also repainted those 3 little boys the last time we were up visiting. I think they look nice and cheery now.



  1. It looks like Dan is a very handy guy. It's kind of romantic to be newly married, and live in a fixer upper.

  2. I'm pretty handy myself Uncle Ken ;) It is amazing to watch our home progress by our own two hands.


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