Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bird Cage

We were driving home from The Home Depot when my husband saw signs on the side of the road reading " Vancouver Flea Market "
He of course swerved across 2 lanes of traffic to make it, and this was my $15 Flea Market Find. It's over 4 feet tall!
I'm in love.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Bathroom Door

Let's start with the door today. This is the back of the bathroom door.

This is how wide the gap between the walls and the door were. Kinda creepy huh? I've been living with this giant gap for several months, and although I know it's just my husband possibly leering at me, I'm sure my guests don't feel as comfortable.

It was time for action. So much better!!! We are planning on replacing the door so we didn't care much about the paint drips on it. It's hollow and broken in several places. But that's another project for another day.

We also installed some trim on the floors. This is the first room in the house it's been installed in and I am sooo excited!!!

And then very late last night my wonderful hubby finally hung my johnny cabinet. :)

I'm so very happy with how the bathroom has come along this weekend. We didn't finish everything we'd hoped to, the caulk on the tub is still half done and I haven't had a shower in 2 days so that needs fixed asap, the floor still needs a bead of caulk around the entire perimeter, and the corner of that little wall separating the toilet and shower needs to be primed, painted and capped off. Then we'll have an entire room... done! Our first room with trim around the door and floors!!! I think I'll probably be spending a lot more of my time in the bathroom from now on, just so I can remind myself that this is what we are capable of when the rest of the house seems so very overwhelming.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mid Way

We are currently at the mid way point of our final bathroom renovations. So I'll give you a quick check in to see our progress. Hopefully by the end of the day I'll have some killer after photos!

So, here was the before, you can see the beam to the left had raw drywall and a metal corner cap.

After, the drywall putty is nicely dried and sanded. Ready to be primed and painted. I also touched up the walls in the background. We had originally hung a towel bar over there and realized it was a ridiculous location, it's now on the back of the door where you can actually reach it from the shower!

And the missing wall by the toilet?

Voila! Oh it's so very nice after months of staring at that plumbing to have a nice wall.

Since we decided to keep that panel accessible for future plumbing issues, we used a very thin sheet of paneling and just tacked it on the very sides with nails. We'll be adding corner cap and the piece of quarter round you see in the back to cover up the nails and allow easy access.
Next? We have a johnny cabinet to hang over the toilet, because I'm sick of tripping over the excess toilet paper rolls, and there is door trim and floor trim that has already been cut and painted and is ready to hang today. It should be a rather quick job to finish it all up today. Mr Brick Ranch has been having a blast trying out his new nail guns on this project :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our dirty little secret.

We have this little secret we've been hiding. You see, after Mr Brick Ranch went back to work we neglected to finish the other side of the shower wall.

So when you sit down on the toilet.. This is what you see....

Pretty awful isn't it? But today we went out and purchased the last materials we needed to cover up our little hole in the wall. We decided we'd like to keep it accessible for plumbing emergencies, so we are making it one big removable panel. I popped on my painting overalls, realized that at 21 weeks pregnant with twins I looked ridiculous and couldn't button them closed. But I painted that panel, so stay tuned for some updated before and after pics. Including some trim around the door so nobody can leer at you in the bathroom any longer, and some new baseboards and caulk!

Purdy Aint I?