Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Superman

I offered you a sneak peak last week of the bathtub surround. Let me fill you in on how it's going!
My husband got one day off this week and he spent the entire day crammed in our bathtub.

Okay, so he laid the first couple of rows, let them dry while he got a haircut and then continued :)

Steady as she goes Danny boy! Okay so it's not finished, but it's a start, and to me it looks like a warm spa... mmmmm I'll do before and afters once the grout is up.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Eh What's Up Doc?

We have a bunny friend! I'd noticed for several weeks our little dog pawing and sniffing at the bottom of the shed. I figured a cat had had kittens but never saw anything under there. I'm sitting there telling my dad about it and saying I've never seen anything go under the shed when I look over and see this tiny cutie pie! He's only the size of my hand the tiny guy. But he's my buddy now and I watch him all morning and every evening as he hops about mowing my lawn. I make careful when I let the dog out to make sure he's in his house and am so excited!

Big news here at the Beals house! Dad came over and drilled some holes in my ceiling.

You see, I couldn't see if my dishes were clean or dirty.

Voila! Let there be light!

Todays project? Tiling the bathtub!!!!! Go Dan Go Dan Go!!!

I can't wait for a shower.


Friday, April 16, 2010


Forgive me, I temporarily lost my camera and just found it a few minutes ago and snapped some new photos!

The past couple of weeks have been hectic and full of all kinds of surprises. First the new cook top was installed and didn't work. We had to wait for a week for new circuit boards to be ordered. A day before the parts came in our new refrigerator ice machine seized, blowing out two outlets and a breaker. The Appliance and Refrigeration Hospital has been wonderful and is going to look at that when they come to fix the stove on Tuesday. Our new dishwasher also started having some issues, it doesn't always want to drain properly and leaves about 2 inches of scuzzy water in the bottom. We are having very bad appliance juju over here.

We did however color our first Easter eggs.

Bake our first Pretzels

We started potty training, and big girl bedding.
And I finally organized my office and unpacked almost all the boxes.

The drywall in the bathroom is all put up and mudded. The fan is in place but needs a little patching before I can paint the ceiling.

Our tile finally came in and is absolutely gorgeous. Today Dan bought the rest of the supplies and grout needed to finally tile the bathroom! The 12x12's are for the floor, 4x4's for the shower and bath backsplashes, and the 2x2 mosaics will be placed on the diagonal for the kitchen backsplash.

Our dining area is primitive but functional. Boy I can't wait to get the new floor in, the door framed and the shades put back up. I also have great plans for that old picnic table to be repainted, and need to do some garage saleing for some chairs!

We set up this neat little reading nook for Nemi. Yes, those are all her books. Well, some of them were mine when I was little. You can usually catch her either in that rocking chair on top of the cat with a book, or on the floor surrounded by books.

And I decoupaged my first thing! These pretty letters for baby girls room. I hung them above her window.

The best news of all is that Dan's boss called and he goes back to work on Monday morning.