Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Laundry Room

Anyone remember this room? Yeah. That's our 2nd bath/laundry room.  And that wallpaper was the first thing to go, the day we got our keys in November 2009.
 Last year we had a work party and all the kids had a blast demolishing this room.
 Unfortunately... it sat like this for about a year before I got fed up. We are having 6 relatives come stay for a weekend. That means 9 people - 1 toilet. You could call that incentive.
 So the hubby added some drywall.
 And I spent hours taping and mudding.
 I did some tiling.  The pattern was super easy and he whipped out the cuts as I set, it took a total of about 3 hours.
I was pretty proud of myself.
 Last night the hubby whipped out the grout in under and hour. And today! I'm ready to add some cabinets and a toilet!