Saturday, March 10, 2012

My parent's ranch.

After embarking on our remodeling project my parents got the bug. They bought another ranch house and decided to gut it and change almost the entire house. It's been several months, but yesterday they moved in! Now everybody knows what it looks like the day after you move in. :) So you can understand how much trouble I'm about to get into by blogging these photos before they are all unpacked! But I'm just so darn excited. So here they are!

The most amazing transformation was probably the kitchen for me. It was really dated and had an odd desk thing that protruded into the hallway.

After.. Isn't it gorgeous!?!?! Ok so you can't even see the counter tops and my brother should definitely put a shirt on. But I'm impressed.

My parents also weren't a fan of the old stone fireplace and stove insert.

So they had a new gas insert built on the right and on the left had a built in media center attached. All of their electronics are built in, and they even have a sweet little ledge for their Xbox Kinect sensor to sit in under the tv! They also built up the ceiling in that area to match the other living space. It has the coolest mood lighting up there.

This is the other living area I was talking about. They kept this room the same, but they did change those double doors. Before they were huge and heavy and took up the entire entry way.

After. They decided they wanted a space for a bench so they shifted it sideways and went with a single door. They are having a local artist craft a special metal screen door. I can't wait to see it!

This is probably our favorite. Before.

After. It's only my favorite because my kids have their own dedicated room at Nana's house :)

I'm so incredibly happy for them. And of course dreading the phone call when my mom realizes I posted these pictures of her messy new house. You all understand though right?
Sorry mom!
Oh.. and on a side note. I kept those big double doors of my moms to do this.