Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mid Way

We are currently at the mid way point of our final bathroom renovations. So I'll give you a quick check in to see our progress. Hopefully by the end of the day I'll have some killer after photos!

So, here was the before, you can see the beam to the left had raw drywall and a metal corner cap.

After, the drywall putty is nicely dried and sanded. Ready to be primed and painted. I also touched up the walls in the background. We had originally hung a towel bar over there and realized it was a ridiculous location, it's now on the back of the door where you can actually reach it from the shower!

And the missing wall by the toilet?

Voila! Oh it's so very nice after months of staring at that plumbing to have a nice wall.

Since we decided to keep that panel accessible for future plumbing issues, we used a very thin sheet of paneling and just tacked it on the very sides with nails. We'll be adding corner cap and the piece of quarter round you see in the back to cover up the nails and allow easy access.
Next? We have a johnny cabinet to hang over the toilet, because I'm sick of tripping over the excess toilet paper rolls, and there is door trim and floor trim that has already been cut and painted and is ready to hang today. It should be a rather quick job to finish it all up today. Mr Brick Ranch has been having a blast trying out his new nail guns on this project :)

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