Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our dirty little secret.

We have this little secret we've been hiding. You see, after Mr Brick Ranch went back to work we neglected to finish the other side of the shower wall.

So when you sit down on the toilet.. This is what you see....

Pretty awful isn't it? But today we went out and purchased the last materials we needed to cover up our little hole in the wall. We decided we'd like to keep it accessible for plumbing emergencies, so we are making it one big removable panel. I popped on my painting overalls, realized that at 21 weeks pregnant with twins I looked ridiculous and couldn't button them closed. But I painted that panel, so stay tuned for some updated before and after pics. Including some trim around the door so nobody can leer at you in the bathroom any longer, and some new baseboards and caulk!

Purdy Aint I?


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