Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Today we met one of the previous owners of our home! It was so neat, Dan had just pulled in the driveway when he noticed a black car driving slowly by the house. At first he was a bit cautious, but they pulled into our driveway and introduced themselves. We learned so much about our home! They were such nice people, so we let them come in and take a look at what we were up to. They seemed to love everything we'd done so far which was nice.

It was so surreal to me, and kind of nerve wracking. I used to watch that HGTV show where they'd follow new and old owners of a house and then show them renovating and then bring in the old owners and see their reactions. I was so scared I would have ripped down something they loved. Not so, such nice folks!

So we learned that the original owners built the house themselves. And that the wife had a lady over to play cards and that lady several times said if you ever sell this house I'd love it. And she did! One day they called her and offered it. When she owned it, apparently is when they renovated the garage into our now family room, but they used it as an office, which explains the immense ammount of outlets. They also added on the back bathroom/laundry room and must have installed the stupid septic tank, and built on the new garage.

Then this couple purchased the house and lived here for about 10 years before his father moved rural and they moved to be closer to him and help with the property. In the time they lived here they built the shed, but didn't have a permit, so they call it a barn ;) After they moved they rented the home to a couple of teachers with several children. They are the ones who built our raised planter boxes. The funny thing is we asked about who had the giant dog (we found ginormous dog toys in the trees), He chuckled and told us they originally had the dog, but when the renters came in they took on the dog and had him until he passed. And that he's burried in our backyard. He also mentioned that the dog had at one time had a fight with our backyard bunnies and eaten one! The renters eventually purchased the house from them, but were unable to keep it, and we are now the lucky owners of a very loved house!

We found out some great info, heard some great stories, and they gave us his business card. I emailed him the website and told him to check out our progress! What an exciting day!

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