Monday, August 30, 2010

Kitchen Ceiling

When we started our kitchen remodel, there were large soffit boxes we knocked down. They left gaping holes in our ceiling. We thought we'd be smart and lay a new ceiling and texturize. Smarty pants. We sucked. There are ugly lines and I hate the texture. We decided to forget about it and come back when we learned a bit more about drywall.

Today it hit me!!! I was checking out this blog. I thought Oh WOW! Look at her ceilings!
What a perfect idea to cover up the hideous lines we've created! Here's a little inspiration while we think about it all.

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  1. We put a beaded board ceiling in our bedroom at our old house just a few months before (unexpectedly!) selling it. I still pine for that ceiling! One of these days, I shall have one again. :)

    ps - Love your wreath! I keep getting the urge for new throw pillows or something else fallish, but I'm in your same budget predicament!

    pss - Also love your bathroom redo! Great job.


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