Friday, September 24, 2010


By this time I'm sure your absolutely tired of hearing about grout. But take care, all the tile and grout in the bathroom is now done! No more grout!

Until the kitchen that is. :)

So the hubs and I had been talking about where to put this new baby. With our 1st we kept her in the pack n play for the first 9 months next to our bed. This was an easy solution but that bassinet portion got a bit saggy in the middle and she kept rolling to the center. We decided this time we'd like a real bassinet or cradle. I got to looking at prices and was kind of blown away. So I thought, why not build one? But let's face it, we are remodeling our whole house, now frantically, when will we get the time?

The very next day we were driving back from Sauvie Island, OR through St. Johns when I saw a cradle on the side of the road at a little junk shop. I screamed, "PULL OVER" My husband slammed on the breaks and turned at the next street swearing, "damn I hoped you hadn't seen that. You know it'll be expensive and we can't afford it." I said back, "you never know, it could be like $15 and then wouldn't it be a shame we hadn't stopped?" He sighed.
He turned around and drove back. There was no price listed so I pushed my way in between the narrow racks of the precariously piled coolest junk I'd ever seen and asked. $25. "SOLD!" I yelled.

And now she's ours.

I have big plans for this pretty cradle. White paint, and a black and white bumper of some kind to cushion the sides and protect baby from the bars which I'm sure are not spaced correctly. We're also going to replace the wood pegs on the top for metal studs so we make sure the rocking is sturdy. (Yes it rocks eee!)
We've already put the cradle to use! We used it as a prop to tell my parents we were pregnant. My dad just stared at it and thought it was a cool piece. I had to yell "I'm pregnant!"
My mom and stepdad thought I'd just bought another cool thing to refinish and were trying to tell me Nemi was too big for it when my mom's eyes got huge and she screamed, "Your not pregnant?" Now that was satisfying :)


  1. aww I just love this! I love how you told your parents you were pregnant too... absolutely adorable!
    xo tash

  2. I can't wait to see what you do with this! We just inherited one exactly like it that my hubbie used as a babe, and I can't decide exactly how to decorate it. :)


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