Thursday, July 8, 2010


We started the backsplash this week in the bathroom!
Mr. Brick Ranch spread the Mastic.

Laid some tile.

Got sick of me taking tons of photos.

Backbuttered in some cuts.

Spread some Grout the next morning.

Cleaned the counters.

Lightly sponged, then waited 5 minutes.

And started a slow process of cleaning the excess grout up.

When it was all finished I squealed. Then told him I think we need to do the sides also.

He squirmed at the cuts he'll have to make around the outlets on either side.
Oh but won't it look gorgeous when it's all done? Yesterday we went to The Home Depot and purchased all the supplies to mount the mirrors in the frames and on the walls. So those pics will hopefully be coming up shortly.

My grandparents will be here from Michigan in 8 days. I'm hoping to have a completed bathroom to show them by that time!!!

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  1. Wow, everything is coming together nicely! Great job Mr. Brick House... lol.


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