Friday, June 3, 2011


It's been an interesting few weeks but we have made some progress on the twins nursery. We hung the oar and swapped the red curtains in our bedroom for the white ones in the nursery. I always hated those red curtains in our bedroom.

Then it hit me, they match the red in the quilts I'm making and the letters I decoupaged perfectly! And I absolutely love the white ones in our bedroom with all of the white trim and bright blue walls.

I tied the red ones off with strips of blue and white striped seersucker to help with that beachy vibe. I also found these great frames at a thrift store. They are covered in seashells and were only $3.99 each! I only originally found 5 and thought oh well I'll just do a mural wall with them, then I went back yesterday and found 1 more! Score! Now I'm super happy with them lined up on the picture rails. I still have no idea what I'll put in them yet. Maybe some sailboats?

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