Friday, November 9, 2012

Playpen Playhouse

I've been thinking lately that my twins are now old enough to crawl out of the playpen now and I should get rid of it.  It's practically brand new though so I was hesitating. 
Then I saw  THIS on pinterest.
And I thought. I could do that? Yeah... but I could do it better....  

I wanted to make it match my living room decor and be girly and posh. So I started with cutting out a bunch of flowers from some old fabric placemats I had. Then hot glued them all over the playpen.  I added little sparkly jewels and cut out one side of the mesh on the playpen to make an entrance.

I had one of THESE old laundry sorters that I'd put in the recycling to get rid of and I pulled the tubes out and made a roof structure which I tied, then glued and then duct taped to the frame of the playpen. 

Then my lovely assistant and I draped fabric over the roof and pinned like crazy.

We fitted and sewed until it was nice and tight. Then hot glued all the corners to
the plastic caps on the playpen.

Added some more flowers, and Voila!

She's especially in love with it.



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  1. You and your assistant did a very nice job!


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