Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Merry Christmas

So there was a small hole in the wall. And these little girls dumped the contents of my purse down the hole.  Repeatedly. And one day I'd had enough. I'd been dreading this wall because there was an actual crack in the drywall running all along the bottom and it all needed to be fixed. Then I got this bright idea! I had wood leftover from the bathroom ceiling. So we slapped it up at full length which left a small sliver up the right side there.

We ripped another piece for the corner trim to finish it off.
This was perhaps the easiest project in the entire house and the one that had me swooning the most. Every time I walk into the entryway I sigh. It's my happy place. All it took was pine tongue and groove flooring, two bottles of adhesive and a nailgun!  Then I white washed it. I had a bunch of leftover white paint. Found one with half missing and added some water and brushed away. From what I'd read it said to wipe it down after a few washes, but I liked it better when I just left it so I just brushed it in real good and DONE!
Fast forward to.... I KNEW I wanted my christmas tree in the entryway especially since that wood wall was off to the left. Since we have 2 year old twins we did only plastic and paper ornaments this year. A lot of which we made ourselves.

2 days later..... Where are all the lower decorations?!?!
 One week later? Yeah....
So now the tree is behind a babygate, in the kitchen, by the garbage cans. Looking pretty bedraggled tree.... twins'll do that to ya.

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