Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back to the blog again

I find myself slacking more and more on this blog as life takes over. Then again, it's been a rather uneventful couple of weeks. The weather turned beautiful and we've been spending the majority of our time outdoors, and believe me... there's a lot of exterior work still to be done.
I will start out with the fireplace. Which my daughter believes is her own personal playground. We purchased a set of doors to install, unfortunately the fireplace is so short and wide that we will have to return them and have some custom made. Cha Ching!

Spring is here! My peach tree exploded into beautiful flowers.

Dan's Coral Bark Maple is happily sunning itself on our back porch.

Dad installed a security light in the back... which is malfunctioning and won't turn off. It's supposed to be motion sensitive.

My Hyacinths and Daffodils popped up everywhere in giant clumps. I believe the yard used to be well loved, but the bulbs haven't been separated in a very long time. I'm going to have fun in the fall!

Over the span of many days we have been rolling around the carpet of twigs on the ground. It's as if nobody has raked this 1/3 acre in over 5 years. I do believe we could charge admission for the world's largest tumble weed.

See all of that lumber? ALL of it was buried in the back yard. And I do mean buried. It took me 2 days to clean out the back corner under the willow trees, there was so much debris, garbage, lumber, and blackberry brambles. I'm all cut up. And I feel like you can't even see my progress. Apparently I am wrong though, because at all hours of the day while we are out there weeding, mowing, raking, and just plain hauling away garbage, people in the park stop by our fence. Complete strangers stop to tell us how incredible the yard and house are looking. I can't tell you how much it boosts my soul every time somebody tells me how abandoned this big beautiful old house was and how thrilled they are that somebody is caring for it again.

He's also only slightly amused at my use of the camera.

I planted Spinach, Broccoli, Carrots, Tomatoes, and Peas. So far the spinach is turning yellow, the broccoli is turning red and wilting, and none of my seeds are popping up :( I fertilized... nothing happened. I started herb seeds in pots inside. They all sprouted... then shriveled up. I kept coaxing and had a few alive again, then Dan tossed something on the porch and it bounced and broke all of the pots and my poor seedlings are all gone. I'm so frustrated!

Nemi's enjoying the little spot I set aside for her to garden in. See all those rocks behind her? They were previously in the middle of our lawn. It took us 2 days, but we moved them all to the side of the house for landscaping.

We did get a shelf hung in the kitchen. And I painted some window trim white in the nursery and living room. The counter top guys come on Thursday and my counters, sink, stove, and downdraft will be installed. Boy, I can't wait to be able to cook real food again! They also will be doing the bathroom counters, and the guys will install the sinks soon after. I had custom frames made for the mirrors and as soon as they are centered on the sinks we will also center the new light fixtures and patch the drywall. The tile for back splashes, tub surround, and flooring has all been ordered and will be here in 2 weeks. We are kind of at a standstill for a few days, but I feel like everything is about to fall into place.

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