Sunday, March 28, 2010


This week we moved on to the main bathroom. Let's start with a before photo!

I especially loved taking this photo. I walked around the corner to find my hubby and dad tag teaming the sinks :)

Yes it's a mess, but boy what plumbers they are!

And, here's what it looks like now! This is the mirror from our bedroom set and is not permanent. We have the frames for the new matching mirrors, but have not cut the mirrors for them yet. I'm dying to finish the drywall and slap up a coat of paint!!! Tile should be in soon too!
Question of the Day. What color would you paint this bathroom? The back splash and floor tiles are all going to be a creamy variegated tile to match the counter tops.

And just to make him happy, I have to mention my awesome brother. He was interested in making a little cash, so I put him to work on the raised planters.

After! Great job baby brother. I can't wait to fill them full of veggies... after a few repairs.

Oh, I forgot to mention... I did all the blackberry removal. I have all of the cuts and scrapes and scars to prove it!
This house has proved to be more work than I ever imagined. We could never have taken it all on without so much love, support, and back breaking labor from all of our friends and family.
Thanks guys.
Thanks to all of you, this house is starting to feel like a home.


  1. OMG I love, love, love that bathroom!! It looks amazing, can't wait to see it after it gets painted! Maybe paint it a nice warm tan color? I think that would look great with the dark vanity.

  2. Lavendar. Looks so good with cream. Put some violets in the center of the vanity. :) Mom

  3. I love all the progress. I love the tan idea but could also see a nice soothing light, blue.

  4. Have you used a terracotta color anywhere? that might look really nice with the dark vanity too. you can never go wrong with tan though :)


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