Saturday, January 26, 2013

Laundry Room Update

We hung the ceiling planks just like we'd seen on The Lettered Cottage. I know they recommended painting them before installing, but I couldn't decide whether I wanted to paint or stain them and there were huge holes in the ceiling from the plumbers that were very heating inefficient. So I slapped those planks up there anyway.  It'll be interesting painting them above my head but it's a very small room so I'm not too scared!

And we picked out paint! These are actually just our sample swatches but I decided to do one side with a stripe and one without. Hubby picked the white stripe so hopefully we'll be on that soon! I'll get back with the names of the paint. I stashed them in the garage already and can't remember. But it's by Sherwin WIlliams and we'll be using the Harmony no VOC version.
The cabinets are also all in but we still haven't decided on a countertop. We've been surfing the re-store regularly but nothing has grabbed our eyes.

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