Saturday, January 26, 2013

Painting the town RED!

I LOVE red. Red is my favorite color. But I've always had a problem with using it. I can't imagine having an entire wall red. But I've recently become more comfortable with spicing up the kitchen. Piece by piece it's been transformed into a "Me" space.
I got one of these for Christmas.
 So I had to instantly rearrange everything to show her off!  I really think I need a red coffee pot now. Of course the old one still works perfectly so it's a tough decision. I really want this one. It matches my lovely toaster!
Today I'm heading out to Young House Love's  book signing in Portland and it's had me thinking of all of the things that were inspired by their blog. When we first moved in we painted our yellow brick fireplace white after seeing how beautiful theirs looked.  We have a hallway of floor to ceiling photos just like theirs but in black frames instead of white. And I've recently started some projects from their book. 
I remembered a post they did recently about failed projects and thought hey, why not. 
So here we go.
It all started with this project. We had this ugly gray electrical box and I thought it'd be nice to blend it in, but it was in the middle of two colors and I couldn't choose so I decided to make it artwork. Originally I thought I'd paint the frame white or black, and then paint a picture inside. But I'm a terrible artist. So I ended up using this red and white shelf paper I found on amazon for super cheap.  I loved it so much I thought why not bring some of it into the kitchen? I'd done it in rental kitchen's before as a temporary wall paper that just comes right down so I thought it was a super idea.
 Cue the Wop Wop Wop music. Or what my husband calls a Hardy Har Har. I installed it on the shelf above the sink, and had my hubby cut a thin plate groove on the back of the shelf for the pink depression glass I'd inherited on my wedding day from the ladies in my Mother's family. I guess it's way too humid in that room or the paint is too slick because this is what it's ended up looking like.
Back to the drawing board!

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