Monday, March 14, 2011

DIY Nursery

I suppose it's been long enough since I blogged. Since then we've found out we're having identical twin baby girls. In previous posts you have probably read I wanted to do a fun nautical/sea theme in the nursery. This hasn't changed, but it's moved more towards pretty starfish and mermaids and a bit further away from nautical. We have a very small budget, so I've been having a lot of fun crafting all kinds of things myself.
We'll start at the beginning. Here's a picture of the room when we moved in. We painted it Krypton by Sherwin Williams. And I installed those neat clip art rails which I stole from here.

We have since found a great oar at the antique store to use as a curtain rod. Please excuse the messy garage. It wasn't quite long enough so we cut it in half and added a dowel in the middle to lengthen it. Unfortunately trying to match the paint/distressing isn't working for me. Especially since my husband won't let me do it myself while I'm preggo. So I'm kind of stuck right now on this project.

I started sewing the baby quilts this week. Here you can get an idea of my color range.

We also chose baby names and I decoupaged the letters for above their cribs.

We bought a new printer and in the packaging were these super sturdy hollow cardboard tubes. I am ultra thrifty (cheap) and decided how cool would a mobile be made out of them? I had my hubby drill holes and I strung them up with fishing line. Then I collected some shells, starfish and sand dollars at the beach and hot glued it all up.

We got this great dresser off of craigslist and I love it. The problem is it's missing a knob. I took another knob off to go try and find a matching one, but that wasn't happening. Today I got the idea to maybe try starfish pulls instead? But I can't decide.

I love the shape of these knobs. But I'm really not a gold person so I'm not sure how comfortable I am with this idea.

Found here.

I really love the antiquey feel of this one.. but I'm not sure it matches anything else in my house at all.

Found here.

These two are on the top of my list but are a bit spendy. I usually love silver, but I'm afraid they won't stand out very much.

I really love it in oil rubbed bronze though. Again, too expensive!!!

Found here.

Or I could go this route...

Found here.

I'm obviously very undecided!!!

Lastly I really really want to find or make some of these.
I originally saw them over at The Lettered Cottage.
But they are sold by White Flower Farmhouse. And are incredibly out of my price range. Guess I'll just have to get thrifty again!!!


I've also commissioned some art from a lovely friend of mine Tara who is a kick ass mom, photographer and artist. You can check out her etsy page here. Her facebook page here.

I can't wait to see the nursery all put together. Unfortunately at the moment it's a huge heap of extra stuff I can't figure out what to do with and our computer Ar moire is taking up a huge portion of it.

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  1. Awesome! How exciting everything is coming together! Those sailboats are adorable!



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