Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bathroom updates.

My last post showed you the beginning of the bathroom tile. Let me fill you in on what went down last night.
Here's where he left off the day before.

Yahoo! He finished putting up all the cuts.

Went on to grout. I sponged the grout, but there are no photos of that because I was doing it in my nightie at midnight.

And the finished product is beautiful!

After the grout dried it turned the perfect sandy shade. The bag says to let dry for 72 hours, then we'll apply a sealant. AND I'LL HAVE MY SHOWER!!!!!!

Isn't my husband amazing?
Here's a little before and after action.
Before. Note the oh so 70's accent tiles.

After! I promise I'll post another one once the hardware is up :)


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