Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

What a glorious week it's been! While my hubby was out of town on work, my giant baby brother came to stay for an entire week.
We adopted a new dog. Her name is Rosie. She's 5 years old, part Australian Shepherd, part Border Collie. And the sweetest girl in the world.

Well, Gizmo is pretty sweet too.

And Charlie makes 3! Isn't it really the perfect number?

My sister and brother in law found a free piano, and helped my dad and brother load it and deliver it to my house! It's out of tune, but the smile on my baby girls face says it all. It's a keeper! After a lot of lysol and scrubbing it's actually in pretty good condition! We've been joking about putting a jar for donations on top, and then playing out of tune until people contribute :P

I'm not sure if anybody remembers what the patio looked like a week ago.. but it was gruesome. We found so much old rotting lumber and debris all over the property, and we had piled it up so it could dry out and possibly burned, or gradually disposed of in the yard debris bin.

Well, my dad came over, and together he and my baby brother cleaned it all up and helped dispose of a great deal of it.

They even hung a tire swing for baby girl.

Isn't it lovely?

The next day we had a garden party for my birthday.

Aren't the flower's lovely? My mom and stepdad brought them and provided this wonderful spread of yummy food!

She's gorgeous isn't she?

And he came home. Which made my birthday the best one I've ever had.

I even got serenaded.

I am so happy we've finally gotten to the point where the yard is clean, mowed, beautiful, and.... look forward to pics of the hammock my stepdad ordered as a birthday present! I can't wait to set it up!!!

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