Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sewage you say?

So I'm trying to pick out fabric for drapes in our bedroom. These are the two I'm contemplating at the moment but they may change at the drop of a hat. Both are by Amy Butler
sky / tree peony

sand / tree peony

What do you think? I guess you'll have to go back and check out my bedroom blogs again!

In the meantime, I have catnip sprouting on the wire rack on my porch, and potatoes bidding out of my pot by the hose.

My parents bought me the coolest hammock EVER for my birthday! Of course it's been raining nonstop since then so I haven't hardly used the thing yet. But am sooo looking forward to hanging out there under the trees with a book and a cocktail!

Our next project is going to be our shed. It needs to be resided and reroofed. I suggested we move the window slightly left and put a real door on the right to make it prettier, instead of the barn doors that are on the back side. My husband quickly declined saying, " I am not reframing the entire shed." :-P Oh well, a girl can dream can't she? Can't you just see a little white window box with vining flowers under a window and a pretty little shed door? sigh

The biggest event in our life right now is happening here. Remember when we started having plumbing issues on the back bathroom a couple months ago? Well we had found out that bathroom was on a septic tank they had never taken out! And you guessed it. It's full.

I'll skip the part where I tell you about the raw sewage that pumped itself up into the shower stall and toilet and get right to the part where we have to dig a trench through our garage, down the driveway, and angle to the pipe the rest of our house connects to the sewer.
Here's what my garage looks like currently. Good ol Roto Rooter. They are actually a couple of really great guys who have been incredible during the whole process. I am very impressed. They left their teeny tiny tractor behind and I almost took it for a joyride.

The guy was telling me it was hard to feel masculine on a tiny tractor. I said aww it's soooo cute! He grimaced. I just realized I should totally have stolen it to level out that giant bump we have in the front yard.



  1. I vote for the blue matieral with the white flowers. Green flowers are just wrong!

  2. Love the sky/tree peony

  3. LOVE that fabric!! My vote is for the blue. In other words, I'm with your mom. Ha. :)


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