Thursday, June 24, 2010

Let the painting commence!

The painters came today. They immediately dug into the pergola. In full tyvek suits and respirators. They did so because our house was built in 1964 and there is the possibility of lead based paint. They also were taking extra precautions by laying drop cloths everywhere they scraped or sanded and vacuuming every chip and piece of dust up with a hepa filter. This includes laying heavy cloths on all of my plants, trampling my poor potatoes. Not that I'm complaining, honestly, I understand these things happen. But, we thought, boy is this silly. Why don't we just do a lead test? That way when it proves negative they can save a ton of prep time.
Well guess what. Instant positive. Yup. On every surface!

So now, we have these posted on our house.

And caution tape around the entire yard.

But the priming is coming along already.

It looks a little ugly at the moment, but I'm sure tomorrow I'll have some nicer pictures to show you!


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