Thursday, June 3, 2010


We have a toilet in the main bathroom now. Yeah I know the photo isn't pretty. But let me explain. The other toilet, the only one installed was at the other end of my house. I had to walk down a hallway, through the entry way, around the living room, through the kitchen and diningroom, through the family room just to get to the toilet. Imagine that in the middle of the night. By the time I was done and walked all the way back I was wide awake!

Therefore, this porcelain God is my savior!

I got a little sick of how long the bathroom was taking to get finished, so I hopped on a ladder and started filling in those gaps. After 2 days of me whining on a ladder with a sprained ankle, my hubby jumped in and finished it up for me. Hopefully I can paint it by the end of this week!

Then we can hang the lights, mirrors, and feel like it's an actual bathroom!!!

In the meantime, I've been reorganizing the living room. It felt like I was in a Dr's office waiting in line. The couches were all lined up on one wall. I feel this makes it a little easier to carry on a conversation. And as I have company every Friday evening, and sometimes other days of the week, I think this will work out better for us. I also love that the first thing you see is my piano, which is my prize. My favorite possession at the moment :)

The painters are coming to start the exterior on June 20th, they'll be pressure washing 2-4 days in advance. So we are currently diverting all of our attention to the pergola, which is covered in chicken wire and old plastic sheeting. I'm taking it all down and having them paint the whole thing white. It also has an old gutter attached to the front of it with a downspout. Which is ridiculous because it has no roof on it!
I am really really excited to show you before and afters when the painting is done!
And the best most wonderful part for me is in mid July my grandparents are flying out and will get to see the place all gussied up!

Okay, just looked at these pics and realized I really really need some artwork! Any suggestions?
Oh... and question of the day. How do you organize your tupperware like containers? I currently have mine neatly stacked in a cardboard box in a lower cabinet. I'm really interested in other options! hahaha

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  1. After the pergola is painted you should plant grapes at the poles on the end of it they will climb it and go all through it like they do at my Dad's place.


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