Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pergola Repairs

I received a call from Student Painters today. They said they'd be here June 16 to start pressure washing, and begin painting on June 23rd. Yes folks. That's 4 days. Panic ensued at the Brick Ranch as we realized all of the work that still needed to be done! Mr. Beals ripped all the old downspouts and hardware down, then started in on repairing the pergola. If you look at my previous post you'll see there was a beam on the front of the pergola. After closer inspection we realized it was rotted pretty badly. After a nice dinner with my parents they helped us come up with an idea to quickly and easily repair it.

We took the beam off.

Drew out the angles and chose the perfect one. We also cut off the old ends to make it look fresh and square.

Mr Beals then laid out his cuts.

And dug in.

Without Safety Glasses.

After learning the error of his ways, he donned his trusty eye protection.

And finished off the end of the beam that broke when he was cleaning the pergola up.

I think the results are stunning! I can't wait to see it painted white!

I did a little of this.

And took in a bit of this.



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