Saturday, June 5, 2010


We finally got some sun today! We finally got some yard work accomplished. As mentioned in the previous post, we are now working on the pergola before the painters come out in 2 weeks.

This is the pergola, note the gutter and there is a downspout to the left. Why I have no idea. There is no roof on this pergola, so why is there a gutter just hanging from a random beam?

As you can see it was covered in hardware cloth, and every few feet there is remnants of plastic sheeting dangling down. I can only assume this was their roof?

What an ugly sight!

Dan still out there working as we speak. Won't this look so much nicer when the house is done being painted a deep brown, with white trim and the pergola will be a bright white to match!

Uhoh, bad news. Dan was backing off the pergola towards the ladder and this whole portion collapsed and almost took him with it.

He was dangling off the edge of the roof holding onto the eaves with his hands. A kind neighbor came running as he pulled himself onto the ladder.

I told him to avoid complication, we'll just take a saw to the beam and cut off the edge as the portion that fell down was really not needed to make it look pretty anyway.

You knew there had to be some drama didn't you? I mean every aspect of this remodel had something go wierdly wrong! Good thing nobody was hurt!

We relocated the hammock to behind these trees. I wanted the illusion it was actually hanging from them.

My next project is turning this old shed into a pretty potting shed! I've got some great magazine photos I have been drawing inspiration on. Thinking of painting the whole inside white to lighten it up. My dad is going to run power out there so I can have a light at least. Hubby put these old cabinets from the garage up, and is using the old kitchen cabinet's in the garage.

He also started a pantry area for me around the new deep freezer.


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