Tuesday, February 16, 2010

From House to Home

It's 3 days and counting until moving day. The house is not nearly liveable. We are not nearly packed. But, Friday will be our first night in our new home.
We decided to buy a new toy with our tax refund and got a 40" LCD HDTV. It's our first brand new TV ever. And we are in heaven! Of course we had to buy a new dvd/vcr combo to go with it. We felt so dirty spending that much money. But it does look beautiful in our new living room!
The bathtub is finally plumbed, waiting for tile to go up before we can install a shower head and spout. Meaning, we still can't use it. Even though we'll be living there in 3 days.

The floors look amazing and my husband says the living room looks like a room in a magazine. What a nice hubby. We found these great cheap tables on sale at Target for $26 for the set of 3!!!! We also found these new rugs at a crazy crap mart up the street for $40 each!

I've been having fun starting to hang art, finding the perfect place for every decoration, and repainting sad old furniture.

I found this french memo board at Ross for like $7.00!!!
This old movie board was at the Hollywood Video store where I worked when I first moved to Portland. The manager gave it to me when it was taken down. I've kept it all these years. I think it looks great in my kitchen with all the antique bronze and dark cabinets.

My daughter's door.

I wanted my daughter's bedroom to have raspberry accents. So I decided to paint this old yellow bookshelf I'd found at a garage sale years ago to match her new color scheme. Her bed is cherry, and we had refinished my dad's old toy box in a cherry finish to match. This is what it currently looks like. I had to rip the back out because it was so bowed from age. The new back has a nice matching raspberry paint and will be ready to install tomorrow.

I also had purchased these wall shelves at the antique mall a while back. There were two, but one was precariously perched, and an unknowing brother in law broke the other one. So I decided to use the raspberry paint to make it cute for baby Nemi's room.

I also purchased this other one, and I think it looks great in the entry way. I'm thinking of putting some hooks on it to hang keys from.

If you look back in the posts you'll see these end tables as I found them on the side of the road. Now just look at them! I'm so excited with how they turned out!

I found these finials at The Home Depot for $12 a set. I had been having difficulty finding large enough curtain rods that didn't make my wallet cringe. So when I saw these I grabbed them. After a few coats of white paint on some dowels and brackets, they look great! And were super cheap.
And, I think we've finally agreed on an exterior color!!!! We think it's gorgeous. Can't wait to see what my parents say!

And lastly... a project that has been sorely neglected. My daughter's rocking horse got some love tonight. I had a lot of fun starting it out. I'm thinking of padding and upholstering the seat in some raspberry. Then making a tail out of the same raspberry ribbon I used for her shades and also getting some brown and green to mix in to match the other colors. I can't decide what color to paint this pony's eyes!



  1. Seriously...so happy for you guys! I am so jealous of your creativity.

    Love it!!

  2. Pshaw, you girls inspire me more than anybody else.

  3. Heide, everything is really coming together! I'm really excited for you guys.

  4. blah... hehe... love ya


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