Friday, February 19, 2010

Moving Day

The last 2 days have honestly been incredible. Things have been falling into place. My husband and I have been working together and kicking butt.
We finally hung our uppers, and hallelujah, it went according to planned, the first time, even, level, plumb.... I know something must be looming. But I'm thanking my lucky stars anyway!
Look at these beautiful open shelves!!! Can't you tell he is elated the kitchen is finally coming together?

I had no idea that the picture in my head would actually be this beautiful.

The alcove for the fridge is my favorite part so far.

I love watching my man work away, making our house a home.

My dad was also there, just like he is every Thursday and Friday. He installed these boxes in the bathroom for the two matching lights to go up. Now we can install that last piece of drywall easily.

He also made the new doorbell look very pretty.

It's moving day. We are as ready as we'll ever be I guess, which is not really that ready. But here we go! Tally Ho! It's an adventure! We are ordering counter tops today. We have the dimensions for our tile just have to find a day to order them when we are able to sit and use the phone for 5 minutes. Our kitchen should be up and running in a few days, then we can concentrate on cleaning up the apartment and repainting, then making sure our shower is tiled so we can bathe!


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