Sunday, February 21, 2010

We Moved In!

On Friday we moved into our new home!
My Great Grandma's tredle sewing machine found a temporary home against the dining brick wall.

Our living room is set up, and has a temporary buffet at the end, until our kitchen is up and running.

I couldn't believe it when I saw the guys had put both couches and 3 end tables on one wall! This place is HUGE!

She loves it too.

Especially this part.

So do I, because all of the toys are contained in this safe place for her, and not all over my living room. All of the furniture is drilled into the wall. She can go nuts, and I can feel secure. I think her bookshelf turned out nicely!

Unfortunately there were a couple of casualties during the move. One was my dresser which the bottom broke off of. The other was Nemi's crib. While being dismantled she walked into the room and stood on the side slat. It promptly snapped in half. If you look closely at the back side you'll see one is now silver.... that is... duct taped. Ah well. I guess it's a sign to start building her toddler bed soon!

Our bedroom is also set up. I still can't decide what kind of curtains to put in this room. I just love the bright blue walls against my white furniture! I still haven't chosen sheets either. Please forgive our boxes!
The most exciting part was last night when Dan worked on the bathtub!
Here you can see where Dan welded his wrench to the pipe he was working on... Oops!!!

Just look at that beautiful plumbing job!
Blogspot isn't letting me upload videos, so here is a link to two videos. The first is testing all of the plumbing, the second we test the overflow!
I am extremely happy to announce that the tub works beautifully. I took my first bath in it this morning and it was Divine!

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