Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Where's Waldo?

This is what my table looks like. It's become almost second nature to me to always be reading home manuals. My dad brought these over to help with the bathroom. The one on the top right is straight out of the 80's. The bathrooms are hideous. But it makes me happy.

We had an incredibly prosperous week. We finally got our family room blinds and installed them.
Tadah! I know, beautiful taped up fireplace! haha! Hey we're getting there. I believe this room will be a huge project for many years to come. Right now it's our staging area, our lunch buffet, and storage.

We put new numbers on the house. The old 2 was broken in half.

We also picked a stain for the floors. The one on the left.

Dan installed many doorknobs. I tried the first one on my own and decided to let a man do it.

This is my area. I eat sleep and breathe paint at the moment. I kept the old dining room chandelier because it was so handy as a brush drying rack. All of those paint cans have already been used in the house. They are all different colors! I have 4 more gallons of ceiling white. The yellow and black item is our paint gun. And the bin is full of miscellaneous rollers, tape, stir sticks, brushes etc.

We moved our first load of belongings into the new house.

Set up a little feeding station.

Installed a bathtub... okay, so it's just sitting there looking pretty. But hey, we will install it soon!

Primed all of the kitchen walls and half of the ceiling. We are ready to hang uppers! And we put our new fridge in place. It took some measuring and walking around half of the house to the only door it would fit through.

What an incredible sight! Sigh... my first new refrigerator. Brings a tear to me eye.
I wish everybody could see the whole picture. I walked in today after finishing the paint in the kitchen, and could completely visualize myself cooking in this kitchen. For the first time I could imagine my daughter running around our new home. Playing in her bedroom, running down the hallway. It's finally starting to feel like home. I know I still have no stove or shower. But in a few weeks I'll be living here, and I can't wait to see what new things are ahead of us.


  1. Everything looks great! I love your new fridge and am totally jealous of it!! :)

  2. Heide!!! Everything looks fantastic!!! I wish we can all come down(hmm.. up?) and visit!

  3. Thanks girls! We have tons of room Feli :P


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