Friday, February 5, 2010

A Hard Days Work

I worked a hard 8 hours today on the house. Ever muscle in my body aches. I have this advice for any of you out there looking for a great workout. Buy a crappy old house, tear down all of the walls and start from scratch. I've lost 20 pounds in 3 months. Just from remodeling.
Sooo without further ado. Guess what I finally committed on? A kitchen color!!!!! Sooo, I decided I'd just try the tiny wall the slider was on and just live with it for a couple of months. Yah, so, any of you out there who know me. You know that when I start something, I don't stop until it's sparkly and finished. That's right. I loved the paint so much I just kept going onto the next wall. I forced myself to pause until my husband came home to see it. He walked in with a giant armload from The Home Depot, and he squealed like a little school girl. Eeeee, I am a plaster GOD.
I said??? Hey buddy, it's my paint that made your plaster look so damn fine. He told me why did you stop? I love the color! So on I went.

I painted and painted.

And then I pulled out the new fridge and painted behind it. I heard my husband chuckle in the background, My wife the linebacker. Hahaha, I guess when I get started I do turn into some kind of She-Hulk.

And yes, I do know there will be cabinet's and tile covering every last bit of paint in this photo. But not for a few weeks. And until then I can marvel at my painting prowess.

Guess what I did then... Did anybody yell scrape nasty funky linoleum? Well, you were right. I decided that old linoleum had better hit the highway. I started out scraping and shoving and screaming, until I was red in the face and dripping sweat. My husband told me I was CRAZY. Certifiable. Out of my Damn mind. Then I realized that when I used a lower angle and pushed with my feet the scraper slid right under and ripped the linoleum up faster. I then got a better idea. Sit on my butt and push with both feet back and forth. Viola! The linoleum started coming up in patches!

At this point, my husband is sitting on a bucket laughing at me crawling on the floor covered in drywall dust, my pants sliding down because I didn't wear a belt.

But it worked. And that linoleum is almost toast.

During my 8 hour hardcore workout. My hubby played with the bathtub. We ended up having to buy some weird custom overflow that I've never seen before! See it? It's a weird rectangle. And then a matching drain because the overflow only came in stainless. And we have all matching antique bronze fixtures already purchased. Ah well, at least the drain will match the overflow. The rest will be in bronze.

Dad ran a new cable line into the office, finished changing out several light switches and outlets, and installed some new face plates.

I also patched up some holes around one of the old thermostat boxes so we can cap it off in case the next owners want to do something with them.

I do believe we are kicking bootay. I had so much fun today. I came straight home and soaked in a scalding bath. Every muscle in my body is screaming. And I'm in heaven.


  1. Awesome Heide! You are kickin "bootay"!!!

  2. Love the kitchen color! Who knew that remodeling a house could be such a workout! Great job, everything is looking awesome!


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