Monday, February 22, 2010

Our First Week

Whew, what a busy week. We had a bunch of family coming and going, stopping to see the house.
My mom brought me these. I think they are gorgeous! Yellow roses are my favorites.

Dan reassembled our matching desks. They will be used solely for artistic reasons.

We got to do some yard work since it was such a beautiful day. All over my yard I found bulbs popping up.

I can't wait to see what lovely colors come out!

I also found a rose bush at BiMart for $4.99 and planted it. The same yellow roses as in the vase above :)

We sorted through some bricks that are laying all over the neglected yard. Some are even half burried. It'll be a long process. Dan is too scared to mow the lawn! I found a burried dog dish, hammer, hand hoe, and tons of rocks.

Dan worked on raking out all of the dead stuff and sod lining the driveway.

While I transplanted my peonies and created a stone border from the pile of rocks on the lawn.

Hopefully my next yard project will be tackling these overgrown planter boxes and starting a veggie garden!

I also finally finished up this project. Which I stole from here... You should really check out this blog. She is incredible!

I can't wait for us to start crafting on these matching desks!


  1. Everything is really coming together, and it looks AMAZING! I'm so excited for you! Think of all the memories to be made within these walls... sigh.

  2. Awesome Heide! Like Melinda said everything is really coming together.


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