Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Aright, so I've missed photos over the last few days so I'll catch you up on this post. I finally got a chance to get over there today and brought two cameras! This will be a long post, but there are plenty of photos at the end. Here we go!!!

We met the guy from Sears today to talk about central air. He measured and talked us through and gave us a nice bid. I told him I used to work for Sears and he offered me the friends and family discount of 10% on the whole job! We are still waiting for our quote from the private contractor yesterday. Lennart said he was happy to work with either of them, very nice guys. So I guess it comes down to the mullah.

We also had a 3:00 appointment with a plumber to talk about some makeshift plumbing the previous owners had thrown together hap hazardly under the house, but he never showed. We have no cell phones or phone service at the new house so we weren't able to call him. Gotta do something about that.

Dan proceeded to get some more work done on the bathroom and found even more dry rot. We will be lucky if we can save the adjoining entryway wall. The studs and footer need to be completely replaced as well as the sub floor. We did however come up with a great plan to patch the kitchen ceiling and walls before the cabinet's get here. It would have been alright to just cover the holes with the cabinet's but we decided to throw some plywood up instead. We also came up with a plan for the flooring in the bathroom. They originally had two thick sub floors down, we are ripping up the top layer and then will leave it off and just put our cement board on top of that and tile to avoid a step up from the hardwoods to the tile.

Dry rot

Soffett Box the boys tore out yesterday.

Dan busily ripping out the flooring.

Tomorrow we'll measure the bathrooms and kitchen so we can order the tiles for the floors, tub surround, back splash and counter tops. We'll also order the carpet we'd picked out. Hopefully sometime this week I can also find the square sinks I am lusting after for the bathrooms.

When we first looked at this house we'd noticed somebody had broken into the house by punching in a pane in the backdoor and opening it. Until we could replace the door and locks we had been locking the screen door to deter anyone. Well, I noticed today that somebody in the past 2 days had tried to kick in the screen door and busted the lock on it. That scared me so before we left I had Dan drill a piece of plywood from the old cabinet's onto the back of the door. It's not pretty but it'll work. I also put fabric and paper over many of the open windows to avoid anybody looking in. Then Dan cut some lumber for the big picture window as one of the side locks is broken. We also left 2 lights on in the house and the outdoor lights. I'm hoping this will solve the problem. Tomorrow I'll bring over some curtains and start thinking about a security system. I am also going to put in some motion activated lights on the whole backyard.

Broken Pane

Ghetto patch

Here's a picture of the light fixture I chose for the hallway by the bedrooms. I also purchased a slightly larger size of the same fixture for the entryway.
I also purchased two of these for the front entry outside.
I wanted to show everybody the brown paint I'd originally purchased for the entryway and kitchen. I opened the can and it was super yellowy and looked like baby poo and I hated it. But I decided I'd better try a swatch and see how it dried. Well the photo looks much better. It's awful. And I feel terrible that we spent $40 on this ugly paint because we purchased the Eco Friendly baby safe paint. Now I'm stuck with a whole gallon of this poop color.
I promise I'm almost finished. The last item is a question for all of my readers! I found this fireplace screen at Ross for $30 and I thought what a find! They are hard to find and that's a great price! I think the leg's are a little flimsy but thought, my sheet metal work hubby can make new ones right? I tell him about it and he says to go back and tell him the price. He didn't want me to spend over $25 so I took this picture and ran back to the car where he was waiting with the sleeping baby I didn't want to disturb. He saw the picture and told me it was too gaudy. What do you think? Would this look good against the white fireplace?


  1. I think it could look good against a white fireplace BUT I'd probably repaint the color. I'm SO not into gold...but that's just me!!! It won't be too gaudy if you have a subtle decor in the room, you know?! SCARY on the break ins....ack!!!

  2. I'm also not into gold that much and would probably have repainted it. I also realized that it wasn't wide enough :)


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