Friday, November 20, 2009

Lights Camera Action!

Let me explain my extremely functional but somewhat odd family structure before I get started. I have three dads. No none of them are gay. My biological father passed away almost 4 years ago, and while I loved him very much, I also call my first stepfather Dad. He's a wonderful man who raised my brother from the time he was 3 years old and is still in our lives. My mother and him have remained close friends and she is now married to an old close family friend who is now my step dad. Now that I have explained, my relatives who read my blog won't be upset when I call Landon Dad. :)

This morning my Dad came over to help me with some electrical work. He didn't have a lot of time so he did some basic stuff and will come back at a later date possibly next Thursday to climb into the attic and start rewiring!

He started by installing a new doorbell! It goes ding dong now :) Notice the NOT orange walls behind him :P Yes it's just primer, because I haven't found the right color for the hallway yet. Any suggestions?

Then he removed this old fixture from beside the garage door.

And installed this one!

He also removed this mismatched ugly light from the front door.

And installed this matching one!

I am in love with these lights. Unfortunately the previous owners put this light too far up, but I don't really want to drill another hole into the brick and leave a gaping hole where this one is, so we'll deal with it and just be glad the lights in the courtyard match now!


  1. The ligth fixtures look awesome! Its really coming along those little things make a big difference.

  2. Yeah I also LOVE these lights! Lookin' good momma!


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