Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kitchen Demo

Saturday morning we arrived at the new house around 9am to meet our contractor Tim. He will be installing all of our new windows, and refinishing the hardwood floors. We ordered all of the windows and he said they would be installed within 2 weeks.

After he left we instantly went to work ripping out all of the cupboards. The original cabinets were in great condition, just outdated. We kept several in tact so we can later use them as extra storage in our garage. With the help of some very hardworking family members the demo went quickly and by 6pm we were done with most of the kitchen and even had time to rip out the tiles in the main bathroom, both sinks, and the toilet. I also had a great time shopping at one point with my mom for tools, paint, accesories, and of course nourishment for our hard workers. I also had a blast trying to knock out some drywall... only to get the hammer stuck and be laughed at by the manfolk.

Tomorrow we will remove the tub and cabinets in the bathroom. We will also knock out the old soffets that were built above the cabinets in the bathroom and kitchen to allow extra cabinet space and headroom. And will tackle the garrish linoleum to make way for some new tile flooring!

Here are some before, during and newly demo'd pictures.

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