Thursday, November 12, 2009

Much Ado about Everything

Paint, Paint, and more Paint. We finished off our 5 gallon bucket of Kilz Primer today. Geri and I had a ton of fun... er.... okay it was incredibly stressful getting that darned paint gun to work! But after much screaming and pounding on it, we did what any self respecting woman would do. We called a man. And my daddy fixed it. He was our hero in leather. Then it took a matter of minutes to do the next coat of primer. We later went through and filled in all of the lines by hand. And I couldn't be happier! Imagine a chair rail in the middle, I'll fill in the cracks on the top half and paint it oh so pretty. Any ideas on what kind of window treatments I should use? We will be removing those old baseboards under the windows. I'm thinking of putting some built in shelving under them also. What do you think?
Here is the before picture. Dark and dingy wood paneling from the 70's.
And after. You'll notice there are still a lot of particles in the air. Imagine a gorgeous new white mantle! And that carpet I posted yesterday will replace the old neon blue.
We next tackled my daughter's room which was a violent sponged purple, the top half had stains where old glue was poking through.
Sherwin Williams Harmony paint 6437 Haven in an Eg-Shell is Eco Friendly
During cleanup I found a new use for the old ugly chandelier in the kitchen that I hated so much.
Voila!!! eh? eh? It's a brush drying rack!!! Who knew how crafty I was :)
Ahhh, but I must admit that I was topped by Geri when I realized she was amusing herself by creating artwork in the paint that had coated the old screen door. I may be a little teary eyed when we throw it away.
It was a long day, and we are exhausted and coated in a fine mist of white and green paint.
A lady turned around at the super market this evening and saw us and cracked up laughing. Doing a little painting she asked? I thought... what was your first clue? The overalls, the speckled bandana, or my white wiped mustache?
I love this job.

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