Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yard Work

We got a lot of little things accomplished today. We showed up at the house around 9:30 this morning, coffee cups in hand. I put a second coat of paint on the entry and hallway.

Tim, our contractor stopped by to measure the doors and spent some time giving us some helpful hints on how to patch up some ugly spots in the house. I then had Dan install the new hallway light to match the entryway one he installed last week. If you don't remember, here are the previous fixtures.

My helpful hubby working away.


At about 2pm a drainage guy came by to work out a quote to fix the water that keeps seeping into the crawlspace under the house. The inspector told us due to the flat lot all the water when it rains tends to accumulate under the house. We are looking into a french drain. Shortly after he started his measuring our second plumber showed up. Bad news. We were hoping the first bid was just trying to get us scared, but this guy also told us almost all of the plumbing was put together badly and is completely falling apart. He'll give us a bid tomorrow for a complete re-pipe! So that's the bad news, but I can't figure it can get any worse from here because we have a new roof, new windows, new floors, some new walls, new wiring, foundation is great. What else could there possibly be to go wrong? It's all uphill from here right? :P

While the guys were talking this all over I started chop chop chopping my way through the 30 feet of blackberry brambles that had taken over our entire fence adjoining the park. I got about a quarter of the way before I ran out of steam and was screaming what have I gotten myself into? I left it to the boys to finish.

Nemi and I decided to check out the park next door. If you look up the path behind her you can see our house on the left. It's the second roof :)
We met a really nice man probably nearing his 50's and his little Daschund. Nemi pet his dog, and I told him we'd purchased the house. He said he'd been watching it and peeking in at the progress every time he walked his dog! We told him, way to put pressure on us! He was really nice and excited to see what we accomplish with the house.

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  1. Dude awesome! Bummer on the water/pipe situation though. :( Go Dan go!!!


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