Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dry Rot

The bathroom of this house seems to be a giant hole of dry rot. The more we rip out, the more we find. Unfortunately Dan also cracked the drywall on the other side of the wall also. Now we have to replace the entire wall and a whole floor beam that was rotted under 2 levels of subflooring under the tub. It's also affected the edge of the hardwood floors in the entryway. We are hoping with resurfacing and some wide trim the discoloration won't show up on the hardwood floors.

He looks overjoyed to have just discovered the floor is rotten.

So beautiful

Our Supervisor

The great news is Dan installed this new lighting fixture in the entryway! Sorry the before pic was taken from the front door, the after is looking at it. I'll get better at this I promise :)


Dan goes back to work tomorrow for ten 12 hour nights so this blog will be rather erratic in the coming 2 weeks. I plan to get some painting done on the days I have a babysitter but none of the big work will get done until Dan is off work again.

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  1. Yeah the light's much better....LOL on Nemi's pic!! Blah on the dry rot!!!


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