Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ceiling and Doors

Do you want to see what my hubby did today? Do ya? He's a good hubby.
Remember when we ripped out the old soffett boxes and the ceiling in the kitchen looked like this? Ugly isn't it?

Look at it now!!!! Wohoo! We are ready to sand and paint and hang cabinets! I definately can't wait to slap some primer on that ugly old green paint so I can stop staring at it. Or maybe I'll leave a little behind the cabinet's for the next person who remodels to stare at.

While my hubby and brother in law were working on that Tim, our contractor and his guys were installing our brand new doors. Remember this bad boy?

Check it out now!!!

And the old garage door?
The two front doors now match!
And inside! The window is so fresh and pretty, not like the old bubble tinted window that used to be there. I'm still debating about whether to paint the outside of the front doors black to match the lighting fixture. What do you think? Leave me a comment!

And apparently the neighbors decided we needed a housewarming gift. Because when the guys got there this morning we had a huge pile of trash and furniture on our front lawn! Including this.
Which aside from the slightly green poo colored pleather, is in gorgeous condition! So Lysol, here we come. We have a new rocking chair!


  1. I do love the white doors. Something abotu white speaks clean and fresh to me, ya know? I think Black could work too though.

    The chair is amazing... is there anyway you can upholster it?

  2. LOL...."poo pleather".... LOL!! LOVE the doors and OMG the walls and ceiling look awesome!!!

  3. Thanks guys! I'm getting better at painting the edges... okay I lied, I bought a special tool. And it ROCKS my world. I thought of reupholstering... but I'm not sure I'm quite there yet! It looks great, so we'll probably stick it in the man cave. He doesn't care what color it is!


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