Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why are women so fascinated with new appliances? Why does my heart jump at joy at that shiny white and stainless finish? I don't know but my first response at seeing my shiny new white dryer rolling through my front door was to jump up and down clapping my hands and squealing EEEEEE!!!!

Here is Dan putting it in it's rightful place.

Look they match now!!!

When I opened the front door, a light popped on! My dryer has it's own light inside!!!!!

In conclusion. Thank you Mommy and Lennart so very much for my beautiful shiny new dryer that matches my beautiful shiny new washer you also bought me and I'm incredibly greatful for! No more high pitched squealing for hours on end while my laundry dries. Now, off to attack the mounds of laundry I'd been avoiding so I didn't have to hear the old one whine at me!!!! I don't think I've ever been so excited to do laundry! Well, since the time you bought me my first new washer :) Now I have my first matching pair!!!! EEEEEEEE!!!!!

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