Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Window Heaven!!!

The windows are starting to go in and look fabulous!
It was freezing when we showed up today so we started a toasty fire.

Our contractor Tim told us we can use his business name A New Image Exteriors, everybody in Portland/Tigard area. This is the place to go for any kind of remodeling you need done! He did my parents kitchen remodel, and his crew is wonderful. Oh, and he's going to be a grandpa by tomorrow morning! Congrats Tim, we're really happy for you :)

These are the old bathroom windows, I hated them.

We are replacing them with these, I think they let a lot more light in, while still allowing for privacy.

Under construction

New windows!

They said they'd go around and do all the trimming after all the windows are in place.
We're so incredibly exicted. I can't wait to see the new sliding glass door, it's sitting in the garage looking beautiful!


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