Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Cheer

While the plumbers are busy knocking holes in my walls, and we are arguing with Sears about the definition of "existing" ductwork, I thought I'd post some holiday cheer!

We got our tree yesterday and set it up in our tiny apartment because it's very obvious we won't be moving this year. :) Charlie the cat decided to help out.

I also stole an idea from a friends blog here:

And she stole it from either or

I changed it a big though. I don't own any metal hangers, so I used one that I've had for years that was covered in yarn and instead of stringing the bulbs, I removed all of the tops and hot glued them all together. Then I added some cute silver and gold jingle bells and plastic candies. All of the ornaments I got at the dollar store. The gold and silver big balls were a 7 pack for a dollar!


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