Thursday, December 3, 2009


My hubby Dan met my Dad over at the house this morning and together they crawled all over our attic and rewired the kitchen! Yay! Now we can start fixing the ceiling and walls where the soffett boxes used to hang. We can also finish this suprise project we started yesterday!

That's right, there used to be a solid wood door leading to the family room. That is because it used to be the garage, when they turned it into a family room they built a bathroom off the backside and our new garage on the frontside. Well, I thought, wouldn't it be nice to open up a nice archway so we can converse while I'm cooking? Yes it would. So we're just opening it one more stud, 18 inches that is. I think it'll make a great change! And since we are having forced air installed very soon, we eliminate that old thermostat, and tomorrow Dan and Dad will move the light switch over. They will also be installing a new lightswitch on the other side of the kitchen so I don't have to stumble in the dark around the island to find the switch.

On a side note, as I was driving to the spa to meet my momma, I noticed somebody had just set out two solid wood end tables from the 70's. My mind instantly saw them sanded, painted white, and with a new pretty antique knob on each. I almost caused a scene as I slammed on my breaks. Then the sensible lady in me told me if they are there when you get home you can have them. Well guess what, they were. So I went home, told my hubby, can you do me a favor and look at those and if you like them put them in the car to take to the new house so I can work on them? Well he came back with a great big grin on his face and said they are gorgeous thick solid wood pieces with an opening on the bottom and a drawer face on a hinge on the top. Perfect for hiding books! Yippee!!!
Please forgive the mess in my trunk.

I was planning a trip to IKEA to buy matching end tables and instead I got them for free!!!! I will probably replace the hinges, or possibly turn it into an actual drawer. Not sure yet. Any ideas?

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  1. Heide, great find! Some pieces that are garbages to others are treasures to someone else! I have seen some amazing transformations on thrift store finds. Can't wait to see your results!


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