Saturday, December 5, 2009

New windows and wires

This is going to be another long post full of pictures.

Yesterday we were met by my dad to again work on the wiring in the kitchen. We had a lot of wiring dangling down where the old soffett boxes used to be.

Dan crawled into the attic and pulled and pushed wiring where my dad told him to.

Dad stayed below and snaked and directed and redid the outlets. We took out the old manilla colored ones that hardly worked anymore and replaced them with white.

Tada! no more dangling wires.

While dad finished up the wiring, Dan crawled under the bathroom to cut out a small portion of the subfloor that had rotted under the wall and into the hallway under a few inches of the hardwood floor. It's done and ready to be replaced after the plumbers repipe on Monday-Wednsday.

During all of this, Tim's crew from A New Image Exteriors were finishing up the window installation. This is the giant living room window before.

And after. It took 4 guys to lift this one into the hole!

Here is the sliding glass door before.

During. Tim informed me that this was his best side ;)

And after! Hi Gizmo!

Even the shed is getting a much needed facelift. Yah I know, it still needs a new roof. But we're getting there!
This is what they'll look like with the trim on. This is the only window currently to have it. They'll be back monday to trim out the rest of the windows!

Dan and Dad are going back today to work on the rest of the wiring and Dan will start dousing the bathroom with dryrot sealer. Therefore baby and I will be staying at home until the fumes clear.

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  1. DUDE OMG so much better!!! It's looking SO awesome!!!


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