Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fun Times

We've been super busy the last week, and at times it feels like nothing is getting accomplished at all. However, we've got a lot of small things done. The kitchen is completely rewired, all of the bedrooms have new lighting fixtures, I redid all of the edges of the paint in the hallway and nursery. And I finally painted our bedroom!
I think we've also agreed somewhat on a color for the office. Dan is ready to hang new drywall in the kitchen and then it'll be ready for a coat of paint and to hang the new cabinets that will be here on the 18th. SO excited about those! We also have our new refrigerator chilling in the garage with the rest of the appliances.
We invited some friends over to see the place and they will be giving some of our fruit trees a new home. They were planted way to close together and I just can't keep them. And she pointed out this giant nest in our backyard tree!
We saw a bird the size of a jay popping in and out of it. I was shocked it's super cold here now!
Oh, and we got our first snow storm driving home from Dan's grandma's tonight. It was beautiful. Sadly, by the time we got home it was all gone. Tomorrow the plumbers assured us they are coming back to clean up their mess!

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