Tuesday, December 15, 2009


While the boys are hanging drywall in my kitchen, us girls decided to take a trip to IKEA! So we loaded up the baby girls and headed out to do some imaginary shopping. Because we're both broke. But I got some great ideas of things I'd love to put in my new house and beg for for Christmas!

This vase was beautiful and had no pricetag, but I am sooooooooo in love. LOVE!

Thinking about these mirrors for the bathroom, but have to take a cabinet door in to see if it matches.
Hemnew Mirror

These lights are flat glass with a light behind. I'm not sure why, but I'm intrigued and wish I could find some way of working one into my house. I just can't see how though.
Wall lamp

Thinking of this chandelier for the dining room, but need hubby's take on it first.

This was a super cheap rug we saw, and I'm not entirely sure about the quality, but it's a maybe. KARBY
Rug, flatwoven

I am in LOVE with this little table and chairs. I am dreaming of my daugther with a big hat on having a tea party with her teddy bear at this pretty green table. Mom if you are reading.... THIS is what she wants for christmas :P
Children's table

We are planning on making a headboard bench seat for the entry way. But if we didn't do that. I LOVE this shoe holder and coat hooks. Basically everything in this set I would love to see in my entryway!
Shoe cabinet with 4 comparment

This sofa is way out of my price range. But I could so see myself curled up on it with a book in front of that huge window in the living room.
Left-hand chaise

This headboard is regularly $79 and was marked down to $39. I wouldn't use it for a headboard, but it would make a gorgeous fireplace screen, or you could make it into a tealight holder on the wall. Hmmm... my hubby the sheet metal worker could make fine work of this!
Wall-mounted headboard
$79.99 on sale for $39.00

I have a picture from a magazine of a craft space where they hung hooks from a bar and had cups like these filled with pens and scissors. And I LOVE them!

I think these would be great for our under cabinet storage.
Countertop lighting, halogen

I love these curtains, I just wish the dots were red instead of orange.
I couldn't find a price on these. They had no tag.

I don't really like these colors, but thought a shelf like this would be great in the nursery with stuffed animals perched precariously off the edges!
Wall shelf


  1. Ugh! I wish we had an IKEA ANYWHERE within a 200 mile radius of Kansas City!!! I love everything from there but am relegated to mailing checks to my friends in Chicago and having them make IKEA runs for me because the closest one to us is 600 miles away! I can dream though....cute blog, by the way!

  2. I heart Ikea! They so such cool stuff!

  3. So funny Emily because I brought my sister in law who just moved here from Kansas and she was like woah! I've never been to one of these!

  4. I need to go!!! I can't believe how awesome (and pretty inexpensive) this stuff is! Yesss!!!


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